New Free Reading Resource: Find Your Child's Perfect Reads

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Did you know that you can use your child's Lexile score to grow his/her love of reading? Whether you have a reluctant reader that needs engaging, or a star reader that needs a challenge, this resource can help you create the perfect reading list for your student.

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Chesnut Students Learn to Make "Super Plates"


Before the holiday break, Super Kid visited all Chesnut students during their P.E. classes, for this year's Farm to School nutrition lesson: "Making My Super Plate," hosted by Coach Dykema and Wellness Team volunteers. The two aims of the program were to familiarize kids with the four food groups on Harvard's Healthy Plate; and to tell the difference between "Go!" "Slow" and Whoa!" foods, per the National Insitute of Health's initiative. Kids really got into the game, waving green, yellow or red swatches at Super Kid as she tried to fill first a breakfast plate, next a cafeteria tray and finally a birthday party plate. They finished by tasting a healthy snack of dried fruits and discussing strategies to meet the body's nutritional needs, while stilll enjoying some "Slow" and "Whoa" items. See the full presentation here.


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